Monday, December 14, 2009

Reasons for not blogging...

Not that this is much of a blog post...but I've been busy! These are a few of my recent projects...and I apologize for the poor pictures, but they were all taken with my cell phone camera because I'm lazy like that!

This is the advent calendar I made for Averie this year. It was a premade little thing with drawers, but I dressed it up. I added the ribbon to hang it, but after the drawers were filled with goodies it was much too heavy! It sits on the bookshelf now.

My new obsession is knitting and crocheting stuffed animals. The kitty was my first successful endeavour and has been named Pinkie Pie Purple Pie by its cute five-year-old owner. The faceless bear now happily has a face and has been named Beary, the Good Dreams Bear. The pink bear was given to Averie's new baby sister as a gift.

So I didn't really design this logo, but I did have to mess around with it and then cut it out of vinyl...and then fight with it to get it on the dang window. Tracy is never allowed to wash her car, because I am NOT going through that again! ;)

I made this snowman birthday card for a co-worker. I got the new Snow Friends Cricut cartridge and love finding reasons to use it! I love snowmen! I made the same card but in more manly colors for my brother-in-law's upcoming birthday.

And finally, I finished these last night. It's a really simple project, but I'm good at screwing even those up. I wasted quite a few ornaments! These four are for Averie's kindergarten teacher. If you'd like step-by-step instructions, Google something like "floor wax glitter ornaments" and there are YouTube videos you can watch. Yes, floor wax. You basically take something like Pledge with Future Shine floor wax, swirl it around in the ornament, then dump out the excess. Then pour in glitter (I found darker metallic colors worked and white or light colors did not, hence the wasting of ornaments) shake it around till it's completely covered (it took a lot of glitter) then dump out the excess. Voila. I cut the snowflakes out of glittery sticker paper on the Cricut and stuck them on the fronts.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Under construction

When I first started this blog, I had no intentions of actually writing. I don't really think I have anything to say that anyone wants to read--and if I did, I could never get it out in the witty way I wanted. My intention was always to use this blog to share my creations and maybe even sell a few. So, with that said, things will be changing here...I hope for the better! The changes may not come fast--I do work a lot and have a family--but change is a-comin'!

By the way...if you know anyone in need of custom invitations, announcements or scrapbook pages, send them my way!