Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentines wreaths

I just can't get enough of Valentines projects, it seems. I had a major craft fail with my first attempt at a wreath for my front door...I flunked making crepe paper roses! I had to come up with something else because I didn't want a bare front door, and this is it.

Some time after Halloween I got an idea for knitted wreaths, and went to our local thrift store to get some picture frames to as the base. They were so happy someone was buying the empty frames, they let me take all I wanted for only $2! Needless to say, I bought A LOT of frames. For this one, I attached one-inch foam with hot glue to make it a bit thicker and softer. Then I cut some gingham fabric I already had into strips, and wrapped it around the frame. I used felt and embroidery floss for the banner - cutting the pennants and letters by hand, then sewing around each one just to make it look more finished. It's hung with a piece of red velvet ribbon I had lying around, which I attached to the back of the frame with the staple gun.

After this one was done, I fell in love with a Valentines wreath I found on Pinterest and decided I had to make that one, too. It incorporates so many of my loves: gray, hearts, yarn, and argyle.

I found the instructions here. Wrapping the wreath form with the yarn is time consuming, but I just sat down in front of the TV and watched the news, so it didn't seem so bad. I didn't use any hot glue for the yarn part at all, I just tied it in a knot at the beginning and end, and it seemed secure enough to me. I did hot glue the felt hearts on, but again didn't use any glue on the yarn crosses, just tied them together. I tied a bit of extra yarn onto the back to hang it from, and voila! It now lives on the closet door in our living room.

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Lori McClellan said...

So cute Suzi. I love them both!