Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pink garter stitch Moebius cowl

I made this cowl for myself in October to wear to the Utah Grizzlies' "Pink in the Rink" game, which they hold every year to raise money for breast cancer research. They wear fun pink jerseys that they auction off after the game, fans are encouraged to wear pink, and usually the ice is pink...but it wasn't this year, which was disappointing because that's part of the fun of the game! Anyway, this picture doesn't do the cowl justice. It's really cute on, but I just wasn't up to taking pictures of myself this evening sans makeup and decent hair.

It's knit all in garter stitch, which makes it super easy. Then when sewing the two short ends together, I gave it a half twist to make it a Moebius - remember those paper strips with just one side? Kinda cool in a geeky way.

And since I had yarn leftover, I whipped up these easy wrist warmers to match. They're super easy: Just knit a rectangle in garter stitch with 2x2 rib on either end, and leave a hole for your thumb when you seam it up the side.

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liesel said...

you make me want to learn how to knit! (or crochet more than the one stitch I know) You make such awesome things!!