Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chunky braided scarf

I saw a version of this scarf on one of the knitting/crochet shows I watch. It's big and chunky, and I want to make one in a thinner yarn too for everyday wear as an accessory. It's all done in stockinette, so it's pretty easy. Just make sure you cast on in multiples of three, and wider than you want the scarf because it will curl on the edges - I seamed the edges together up the backside of this on the non-braided sections, so it actually was knit twice as wide as it looks. Knit however many rows you'd like the first non-braided section to be in stockinette, then divide the stitches into three equal sections, putting two of them on stitch holders. Knit the first section, remembering that it will be slightly shorter after it's braided. Put it on a stitch holder, then move on to the second and third sections. When they're all knit and on separate stitch holders, braid them, then return the stitches to your needles and continue knitting in stockinette for the next non-braided section. You can repeat this pattern as many times as you'd like, making your scarf as long as you want. Those instructions are probably about as clear as mud, so feel free to contact me if you'd like clarification. If there's any interest, after the holidays I could even do a photo tutorial.

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