Monday, January 9, 2012

Ruffly Lace Scarf

Ever since I saw this self-ruffling yarn on Knitting Daily, I have wanted to get my hands on some to try it out. Turns out so did everyone else! Red Heart keeps selling out of their version within days of putting it on their site. I found some at Hobby Lobby and didn't snatch it up, and when I went back just days later it was all gone, even in the ugly colors. So when I got to a different Hobby Lobby and they had tons in stock, I stocked up! It's kind of a tedious knit, but easy, and the finished product is pretty darn stunning. I also made one for my mom in a red variegated color she picked out, but didn't get any pictures before I gave it to her. I plan on putting these in my Etsy shop in white, gray and black.


Sheriece said...

Ohhhh... can I have one in red? And can you make it an endless loop/infiniti scarf?

SuziQ said...

Yes to both, it just might take me awhile to find the yarn because it sells out as fast as the stores get it in. I did a red one for my mom and it was cute, I just forgot to take a pic of it! I'll look for red yarn tomorrow. :)