Monday, January 30, 2012

Jill Beanies

Beanies don't get much cuter or girlier than this! The pattern is from Mamachee on Etsy, where I get a lot of patterns. I love her designs.

Above is my adorable niece Melody, who surprisingly didn't seem to mind the hat once we stopped messing with it.

This is my daughter Averie, who loves her hat and has worn it to school already and promised many girls in her class, "My mom will make you one!"

This is my niece Aurora, who wasn't a big fan of the hat (or taking pictures) but let me get a couple before she called it quits. :)


liesel said...

darling! Are you going to put some in your etsy shop?

SuziQ said...

I plan on it. I have an adult one ready to go up as soon as I can get pics.